Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blah Blah Blah.....

I'm a mouth.
According to 1 Peter 4 we are gifted as speakers or servers. Peter seems to say that the gifts of God are generally in two categories. Gifts of speaking like encouragement, wisdom, preaching, and teaching etc.. or gifts of serving like helps, mercy, administration, etc.

As a mouth I often have to speak a lot of hard things. Things I often wish I didn't have to say. Confrontation is hard, I need to learn to speak the truth in love more.

I appreciated Mark Driscoll's words on the tongue from a recent blog. We are accountable for what we say AND DON'T SAY. Did you ever think that some day when you stand before God we'll have to take account for every time we overlooked sin and didn't take God's word seriously enough to speak out or confront? I'm also aware more and more how we need to love people enough to say difficult things and not care about what people think. I was rebuked in such a huge way a few weeks ago by a fellow small group member. It was AWESOME. Through humble tears I was reminded to be like Jesus. I still have a lot of growing to do.

We also have to care for how we joke around with our words, too. Are we lifting people up or tearing them down? Are we wasting our words on non-eternal matters? Do we avoid deep, caring conversations and settle for fake/surface talk? I know I have and I'm convicted to speak and seek more of God's truth. I especially need this as a husband and as a father, let alone as a friend and pastor.

God fill my mouth!

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