Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Bambina!

Happy Birthday and WELCOME to our NEWEST BAMBINA!!!
Here's our (not so) little baby girl Gap. Luisa Kaye!!
She was a whopping 10.4oz, 20.5 inches! My wife's amazing! Baby Lu came out in under 10 minutes today at 2:17pm. It all happened so fast I couldn't even count as I was trying to pull out the video cam! Wendy and LULU are doing great! No complications. Luisa is pronounced: LU-EE-SA ( no z sound! S sound). Isella got to meet her little sister and then was singing, "Old MacDonald had a farm with a "Baby Lu."

Papa Gap!

In trying decide her name, one of our confirmations was this great little Italian restaurant we ate at in San Francisco! We took a picture to remember it .

We are all off the wall in love! There is nothing like seeing a baby created in the image of God come into the world. It's amazing. God was so present. I am overwhelmed. Thanks be to GOD!


mamaktbug said...

hooray! congrats! maybe we'll get to meet these beautiful daughters of yours someday... :o)

Megan said...

So sweet!! Congratulations :)