Sunday, August 02, 2009

HWW 2009

Our summer is always complete when we travel to Lake Don Pedro for water-sports, worship gatherings, and relaxation. But, like most of our retreats, we had a van issue. A flat tire 5 minutes from our arrival at the lake. Thankfully, we were safe and we were able to change to the spare quickly.

The weekend's topic of discussion was God's Story.
What story are you telling? Is it worth it?

What's the setting, style/tone, and plot for character (us) in our story?
Are you passionate about living your story? Why? What makes your story different?
What’s one defining moment in your story that stands out (overall or most recently) that has shaped you most significantly?
Who and How is it affecting others?
Whose story has affected you?
What parts of your story do you need to include others in?
Is your story one worth living?
So with that came lots of time for talking about that and hanging out around the lake.

Israel: Brotha, Friend, and personal videographer. You'll usually see him with a camera in hand (which after a fall into the water still works!).

The peeps after boating with two of the Sampson's kids (Joel and his brother Jeff Sampson were so gracious to give their weekend to us for towing people around).



And 1st ever generater powered dance party in the camp thanks to DJ Supershan.

...and a great baptism celebration.

We also had the amazing Andrea Hamilton with us to lead us in music worship again this year. We were very blessed.

Hot Water Weekend 2009=a weekend of worship!
Crazy fun

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Jenni said...

love the pics and videos. in the last one, alex and i had the same idea, but looks like she is hanging from an imaginary noose! ;) that is one funny picture. I like how Brooks is our resident model in the first group picture too. ;)