Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mentoring boys to men.

No, this post is not about that musical quartet from the 80's.

This video from Donald Miller's group, made me think of our beloved little Cameron (pic below), who we as a PCC family have seemed to adopt as our own-of which I am so proud of his mom, Bristol, and our whole PCChurch family, for all the love around him.

The Mentoring Project - Elephant Musth Cycle from The Mentoring Project on Vimeo.

I get to be one of Cameron's official mentors-as I am one of his "God-parents". This is no trite job in my opinion. Coming from andItalian background and having Godparents myself--all I remember about my GP's is that they gave money on my birthday and Christmas. I don't remember the "God-part." As far as I can remember we didn't talk about God, pray, or share anything intentionally spiritual. But when I did see them, they were loving, friendly, and always full of cheek pinches and good food! (As every good Italian does, which we could also argue is deeply spiritual). But for me, I want to be intentional with Cameron in significant ways, (as well as any kid in my life, especially boys: who need to be taught how to be men)! So, when I see Cam, I try to hug him, say that I love him, prayer over him, or remind him of how God has created him for special purposes. (It's not hard to believe when you see him playing guitar and singing).

Tonight at La Tartine, Cameron and I shared a bowl of Chowder and talked 3.5 year old stuff. Later he asked me to take him to the bathroom.
We waited in the cafe hall for the "boys room," and it was taking a long time. Meanwhile..more 3.5 year old convo happened (lots of questions and asking "Why?" when I gave an answer). The guy before us must have had some serious business. The "Girls' room" was open and I suggested it to Cam since we could have easily have snuck in and used it (and honestly I just wanted to speed up the process), but Cameron really wanted to use the "Boys' room," and insisted on waiting. It hit me how monumental that is..using the "Boy's room," it's a rite of passage: another step for boys to feel manly! I loved that little moment! Cameron wasn't about to sell himself short and he was willing to patiently wait. And I'm glad we did!

Intentionality doesn't have to be BIG, it just has to be intentional.

Look into a child's eyes, affirm him/her, put your hand on her/his head and pray a blessing, kneel down and hug a child and ask about their day..then really listen, put a child on your shoulders and parade them around while singing their praises and shouting their name,

Be intentional. Intentionality is a lifetime... and it's a lifetime of five minute interactions, week long trips, two-minute phone calls, three page letters, hour-long conversations, weekend retreats, afternoon adventures...

This is NOT the End of the Road.

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