Thursday, August 06, 2009

I don't want to "GO" to church, either

This somewhat humorous (although dangerous) happening is another compelling reason for the need for correct theology. The church is God's people on a mission, not a building we sit in on Sundays.

If we lived a better story, maybe our kids would want to join the amazing adventure that God has given his people. Get rid of the language, "Go to church." This minimizes God's plan for us be active in engaging with the world in love and to be sharing life passionately with one other. The church is not a place that you can go. The church is a group of people on a mission so the correct question is: are you a part of the Church? Therefore, the question can not be: "Do you go to church?" It's not just semantics... it is good theology.

Anytime I can talk about this I will. And thanks to this 7 year old from Utah for helping me out.

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