Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Sound Room: Love is an Orientation

This podcast is hot! My guest in The Sound Room is Andrew Marin, founder of the Marin Foundation, activist, author, pastor, and lover of Jesus and all God's created people. Truly a privilege to have him in The Sound Room. The church is challenged with loving and bridging relationships to the Gay Community. Andrew is building those bridges. We all have something to learn. Check out his blog, buy his book, and join in on the conversation.

(Read my friend Matt Nightingale's post on Andrew to get to know a little more).

PS: I love how Andrew posted the podcast on his website and refers to me as "Tony G." With a last name like mine, abbreviations are necessary, I guess! It's like I'm "McG" (film-maker)!

Just in case you don't know:
This podcast is called THE SOUND ROOM (TSR) and you can subscribe via iTunes!

I love Andrew Marin's faith and love, compared to he others in this clip spewing hate. But I also love how Andrew even has compassion on those harshly judging others.

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