Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Sound Room: Marked by Love, Not Cutting

This podcast is very raw, disturbing, and possibly may be hard to hear for some! My guest in The Sound Room will have to remain nameless (you'll have to find out why through listening to the podcast), but her story is touching because of how God interrupted her life of "cutting."

It's a true gift to hear this story on The Sound Room. Our guest vulnerably shares her story of the four different times in her life when she was sexually abused. These events caused her such great shame that she began to believe lies that she deserved to be hurt and therefore took on the habit of harming herself through cutting. But God marked her life by his love and she was never the same. Instead of taking a knife to her arm to inflict pain on herself, God marked her with his love and she tattooed her identity as a "Loved" on on her arm, the same place that previously was marked by a knife. Listen to her story and pass it on to others. This is a significant word for teenagers today, women, abuse victims, or anyone struggling with justice from being hurt.

Just in case you don't know:
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