Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I pray for healthy relationships and marriages

My thoughts for the first week of October:
This weekend a member of our young adult, Laura Kostrikin, will become Laura Palm. I remember Laura when she first came to PCC over a summer 6 years ago, and then she served as an intern the following summer. She continued to grow and then joined the Sunday at 6 band. And just two weeks ago we all prayed for her and blessed her into her next phase of life. CONGRATS BEN AND LAURA!

Just thinking about that encourages me about how valuable it is to do life in community. I also continue to pray for great, healthy relationships to develop in our community, too. After being married almost two years myself, I have become more of a “matchmaker” in heart that I ever thought I would. I truly hope for the young adults of PCC to learn what it means to be Godly men/women so that each can enjoy Godly/healthy friendships with the opposite sex that someday lead to godly/healthy marriages and family. I am literally praying for this to happen in our community. I am completely for you all enjoying God’s best!

I hope you all grow together and encourage each other in this as a care group! Again, email me and let me know if you are interested in hanging out and doing a “real talk,” too. (tonyg@peninsulacovenant.com). In our effort to be a living community/serving community here’s what’s going on!

Sunday night After Sunday at 6—going out to Amelia’s and Young’s ice-cream/possible prayer walk

Promise Keepers Oct 6-7. See Jeff Murphy for more info

Saturday-October 14th Brunch at Main St. Café 10:30am, 150 elm St.
The Deep: Friday night October 20th 8pm in the worship center basement.

Saturday October 21st. A women’s retreat called GLIMPSES OF GRACE sponsored by Women at the Well. http://www.newcollegeberkeley.org/

“Hallowed”-Halloween experience—10/28 IN San Jose at the OASIS. 7pm. Live Bands and experiential art house.

Fall Retreat November 3-5 $55 covers cabins and food! Twain Harte. More info to come! Registration is available now

Don’t forget every Tuesday and Thursday night you can serve the poor and homeless with Street Outreach in Menlo Park!

For this and more info: Please check in the following resources:


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