Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Helping with Hallowed..

Would you like to help with Hallowed!

Meet for lunch this Saturday 1pm at Main St. Café 1pm-2:30. 150 Elm St. Redwood City

We need artists, tech people, painters, and people gifted in service to make this happen.

Then come Oct 25-27 Weds, Thursday, Friday to install the art, paint, and prepare!
The event is free Sat. Night Oct. 28th

Here is our statement:

It’s like a marathon this life we live. Some start strong but never finish. Some are reluctant to start but despite pain and exhaustion cross the finish line. Others need help to hurdle the obstacles and run the race with others. Everyone has dreams. Some see them come true, others give up. All of us have problems and issues that can either motivate us to fight and stay the course of life or enslave us and break us down. As you walk in the room think about situations in your life that you must persevere through. Are you carrying on with strength or dragging your feet through the brokenness? Watch the short movie and think about your own journey of perseverance. Where are you in the marathon? Do you want to bow out of the journey? Do you need help? Don’t give up. Stay the course. Add your journey to the wall.
An elephant (of Dr. Suess) named Horton inspired this room. He meant what he said and said what he meant no matter what happened to him. Ridicule, tragedy, and time didn’t knock him out of the journey. He stayed the course. He finished his journey. Horton hatched the egg.

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