Friday, October 13, 2006

Beautiful Day Nov 17-19

Beautiful Day – you’ve started hearing about it – but what is it?

Beautiful Day is an opportunity for PCC to join with 40 other churches in the Bay Area (seven in Redwood City and San Carlos) to wow our communities with Christ-like love in tangible ways that don’t require words.

The big idea of BD is five-fold:
1. to serve the city through creative, innovative, and heartfelt ways that are both practical and resourceful for the needs of those in our community.
2. for the church to re-establish itself as an influential hub within our community.
3. for the church to build a strategic alliance with organizations, schools, media, government, and local businesses to partner in compassion/service venues.
4. for churches to “pay it forward” with other churches and build strategic alliances within the Christian community.
5. for the community to see that unity and compassion can come from all Christian churches, regardless of denomination, size and ethnic make-up.

PCC is doing that through several projects by ourselves and 2 projects along with six participating churches on the Peninsula.

In the words of the founder of Beautiful Day (Jon Talbert from WestGate Church, San Jose):
In my opinion… (actually it is beyond “opinion”… it is the white-hot core of who I am) the church has rediscovered Compassion to be a more accurate expression of who God is and how he brings about redemptive and transformational change to the world. I’m also convinced that the Bay Area is the most unreached people group in the US not just because of liberalism, but also because of the nature and shape of the modernist “evangelical” church. I believe that WE have done more of our share of the damage than we are willing to admit. (talk to people in the AIDS/HIV community if you don’t believe me).

This is why Compassion matters… to me, to WestGate, to other churches…. to God. This is our chance to lead a more accurate expression of a Jesus-induced-faith journey. We shut-up and show-up! We stop ranting about Jesus and start living like him. We stop shouting what we believe and start showing it. Collectively we change the perception that the Bay Area has of Jesus, his church, and his followers.

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Jon said...

I would love to get a copy of the video. You guys did a great job. Thanks for stepping up!!