Thursday, October 26, 2006

Real life story connected to James

Last night I was in down town San Jose preparing for our Saturday event called Hallowed. The space that we are using was a former dance club. Now it is used for various ministries, events, and a homeless outreach in it's prime location across from a bench filed park with sleeping homeless campers. On Wednesday nights it is used for an elementary aged boys Bible club (mostly Hispanic). We were setting up our room and listening to the crazy screams of sugar filled kids playing basketball and making crafts. Around 8:30pm the club finished and they were leaving the building one by one, parents were coming in and leaders were cleaning up. I happened to be unloading some supplies from the car when I noticed one of the boys hanging outside and talking with the men who were camping out for the night. A parental instinct fired up in me and I wondered if that boy was safe there. Had he alerted the leaders that he had gone out of the building? So I went in and gave the pastor inside a heads up that one of his boys was hanging with the homeless men outside. The leader poked his head outside and said, "Oh, actually he's homeless, too." My heart sank. Really? He's homeless, too? Can I take him home? This is America not Africa. I guess I forgot that it's possible for kids to be homeless and with out daily necessities in our country, in our state, too. What a timely thought as PCC goes through James' words about caring for widows and orphans, not showing favoritism, and putting action to our faith. What as Christ followers to do about this? It's moments like this that mess and stir up heart. I pray for God's leading in my life and yours!

Hallowed set up continues tonight and tomorrow.
Meet Jeff Murphy at 6:45 tonight at PCC Emma Rhen Playground.
Friday 10/27 same time same place.


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