Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hope for the Homeless

Today was a beautiful and amazing event sponsored by the San Mateo county where we live. From 9am-3pm today Red Morton Community Center (pictured below) was filled with 100 local volunteers (8 from PCC/Street Church) and 150 poor and homeless friends from our community.

"Clients" were able to receive haircuts (look for David Kyle's new do), register for DMV IDs, apply for shelters, receive government aid, bus passes, dental/medical and mental health care, massages, showers, bike repair, food stamps, clothing vouchers, and even pet care culminating at lunch with a big BBQ! Many of our friends from Street Church were there thanks to being picked up and shuttled over. I was able to pray with some people and also explain to a county leader why we wanted to join their efforts. "We are part of a church that wants to do more than just sit in a building. Jesus came to serve us and we want to follow him by serving others. That's why we want to help."

This was truly a beautiful day for me. And I was so proud watching God's people serve in such a way and also develop relationships with those who work for the county. The link below explains our county's initiative to end homelessness in our area.


God was at work and we were able to join him.

Thanks to all who came and supported this effort.

Don't forget this Saturday is PCC's Beautiful day. Those not going to the Gothold wedding are encouraged to serve at Roosevelt Elementary School in Redwood City all day Saturday May 19th! Also, Street Church is every Tuesday and Thursday night in Menlo Park at 9pm.

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