Friday, May 11, 2007

Wendy's Recovery update

Wendy is still in the hospital recovering. Things are going OK. It's hard but we see God with us. I have been able to spend good time with her, even snuggling in bed to watch a movie last night. I totally attribute this to people's prayers which have brought such peace and strength and tangible offerings of help that have freed me up. Last night the nurses brought in a big TV/DVD. I felt like we were in a college dorm still dating and being checked on by dorm moms or RA's. I new the time would come to an end and when I had to go home I was all weepy. Again, I appreciate and love my wife and miss her being home with me. AND I am so thankful she'll soon be home and we wont have to part ways.

Good things we are experiencing:

She IS able to breastfeed. A lactation consultant looked up each and every antibiotic to ensure it would be OK! She spent about an hour doing so out of her own time.

My prof from my Thursday night Seminary class excused me from class and she and the class sent emails and prayers. It freed me up to spend good time with Wendy.

We are befriending and enjoying the relationships with nurses.

She is in her room alone as a courtesy so we can bring isella in and stay for longer periods.

Isella is just amazing. She is flexible and calm and I am loving being her dad. Grandparents are also getting great time with her an learning the ropes.

God, still, is good.


For Wendy's' temp to stay normal and for this day to bring great strides in her health. She's having to take straight up potassium that she described as "drinking pure salt." Since it wasn't going down to easy, they mixed it with jello. Appetizing huh? Salty jello..

Saturday I have Seminary all day, this class not so easy to get out of since it only meets 5 times the whole semester. The first class I left early from because Wendy was having contractions! :) Pray for smooth orchestrating all the events of the day.

and pray that I continue passing the DAD test as I do the late night feedings and the "dressing" in the morning. It's a lot of pressure when I bring isella to the hospital HOPING to hear Wendy say, "Oh, she looks cute, Nice outfit choice." It's like the yearning to hear: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" :)

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Ginny Olson said...

Tony - I and the rest of the CYMS team at North Park will be praying. God is indeed good and He is THE Healer.