Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Conference take-aways

Just got back home this week from a great conference in Dallas. It was great to learn and getaway, but also great to be home! There's no place like home!

I had a great time with LEADNOW, an organization geared toward twenty and thirty somethings and leadership of our generation. The above video is a snippet from last year's event--(I already bought tickets for next year)--but it gives you the general feel to the experience I had! I had a good time of refreshing in my personal relationship with God and some affirmations of what is already happening in our are ministry. Here are some take-aways that affirmed and challenged me!

-Create (less programs) and be creative (with art, music, space, film, etc)

-Tell Good stories. There is no easy 1,2,3 answer to the Christian life. It's hard, messy, and like growing a tree. Jesus is not a product we can sell with an infomercial. Bullet points do not always have an impact. Christian candy like testaments, christian t-shirts, and screaming on a bullhorn don't ALWAYS work either. My responsibility is to be in relationship with people.

--Technology is good I should use it but be careful that it doesn't take me away from actually interfacing and communicating with people.

--Love people everywhere, know them, hang out, pray and get out of the Christian Bubble. I should know my neighbors, baristas, the poor and downcast in my community. I should be willing to dialog with people who are different and disagree with me. Christianity is not meant to be a debate.

--Create a place where people can be real--and elevate a culture that welcomes questioning and confession.

--Invite, Anoint, train, partner, and discipline leaders to lead.

--Major on God--and the core truths (don't waste time and petty arguments that aren't fundamental--and don't be self-righteously judgemental with those who disagree.

--be humble


Earth shattering revelations? Not completely but challenging nonetheless. Hopefully if you are around me and this great community God has called us to, you will also be a part of living these things out!

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