Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sunday nights..this fall 2007

After Sunday at 6 HEAD OUT to HANG OUT in downtown Redwood City.

La Tartine is a new cafe opened right in the heart of our great city. It's perfectly located by burritos, pizza, and movies! The perfect hang out! Right across from Century 20 with free validated parking off of middlefield! I have connected with owners-Andrew and Monique and they welcomed us to come and hang out every Sunday night. They even said we could bring in some live music sometime. So after Sunday at 6 this fall bring yourself and your friends to hang out and connect with others over some good java--make friendships and grow other relationships!

La Tartine

This must be more than just drinking coffee. Cause life (and our times of being community) is more than that! It's about listening and asking questions. It's about bringing people to the table who have never been before, and helping them (spiritually speaking and physically speaking) get a drink! It's about praying together and caring for people as Jesus did. Being good news. Some great new people are coming to our community in search of connection. Connection with people and with God! I am seeing that we have fantastic opportunities right now! I hope that we can all engage in God's best for us!

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