Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Hey All. I am preparing for a 6 day vacation and won't be around this Sunday, but I wanted to encourage you all with a few things. Last night we had a dinner at our house for those who are new to our community and it was really energizing to see God at work and growing our community with some fun, unique people—who are teachers, engineers, construction workers with lots of different passions and dreams—many who are new to following Jesus. It’s great and this means that God wants all of us to reach out and help connect and network together!

So with that I wanted to encourage you to come to Sunday at 6 and hang out at La Tartine afterwards. I have to tell you some cool news that happened last Sunday we had a sweet time at the cafe. We had an impromptu music session and the owners, Andrew and Monique, were stoked to have quality music and people hanging out in their place. God is at work there. I humbly ask that we as a community take the opportunity to love those that are serving us by 1-making an effort to hang out at La Tartine every week, 2-introducing yourself to the owners, baristas, and all of new people who have joined our community and 3-making good use of the time in the cafe by REALLY getting to know people with good conversations and initiating prayer with each other. One of my favorite things to see is people praying together afterward outside of the cafe in the parking lot or on the sidewalk. I love that.

PCC's Compassion and Justice Learning Community starts SUNDAY Sept.30th. Each week we will interact with the Bible, literature, and audio/visual media focus on significant local and global issues. We hope to engage compassion and justice issues intentionally and strategically through unique experiences. Our Purpose is to build a community of believers who are interested in learning together, discussing together, praying together, and humbly serving together as we demonstrate the love of Jesus to the least of these in Redwood City and beyond. We desire to live out our Christian mandate to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR.

You can choose to participate in one of the following learning communities:

11am which meets in room 22B (fellowship center)

4pm which meets in Fireside Room.

In our first meeting we will be reviewing the following:

Purpose of C&J Learning Community

Desired Outcomes


Class Structure

We will also share a dynamic video and have time to reflect on Isaiah 58.

For more information check out the C&J blog at

Please bring a Bible, journal and pen to each class. The book fee is $35.

Also today is the day some of our PCC friends (David Bromberg, Kirsten Devlin, Matt Nightingale to name a few) are taking of on their East Euro mission. Watch their trip and pray by checking in on this site:

If you are on our mailing list, you should be receiving our calendar for October and November this week. There are significant dates and events for you to know. A coaching workshop at PCC 10/5-6. A date change for the Deep. It’s on Friday, now, October 12th at the Fallon House. A Bible Trivia night on Saturday October 20th. And Hallowed in San Jose Saturday October 27th-anteractive, art, music, film and poetry.

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