Sunday, February 03, 2008

How much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts!

So today was a crazy, awesome day. Usually if I wake up at 6am I am sitting in my pajamas with Isella in the living room. Today I was getting ready and preparing for our church's worship gatherings. I had to sport a full on suit (a rarity for me) for the formal time in the morning and got to speak three times on Luke 11:1-13. I really experienced God's spirit moving, loved being a mouthpiece for him, and was again affirmed of my call to use my gifts in the community of PCC. I love our church. And wearing a suit wasn't half bad.

PCC's Worship Gatherings

As I spoke, I was reminding not only the church but I was reminding Myself three times today that God gives good gifts, even in our pain or tragedy God is still good. It is the goodness of God that motivates us to be persistent and bold. I love truth!

Usually we all go out and hang out at La Tartine after our 5:30pm Sunday night worship gathering. After being so tired from a great, long day, I was ready to go home and just relax with Wendy. But I was encouraged to show up at La Tartine because someone said, "You're going to get a gift." Of course this aroused my curiosity and I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat anyway. The crazy thing is all these great friends of my mine--the young adults who call our community home got together and pitched in to treat me. Just because. Some shared some verbal encouragements and thanked me with a toast and then presented me with huge box. I prepared myself for some hand-stitched quilt or scrapbook to pop out (don't get me wrong--we all could use another quilt) but when I opened this huge box --what was disguised inside was an iPHONE!!!!!!!!

I was shocked, tripped out, speechless, and sooo totally thankful! About a month ago at our retreat we had an iPhone conversation. I casually joked that I "admired" this new technology from afar but realistically it wasn't in our budget. I never thought I'd own an iPhone!

And now I do. This is a sweet gift. We have a sweet community. It was so funny because the baristas were hanging out over the counter watching the whole thing happen. Watching me open it and asking if it was my birthday. Um, no it is in June and Christmas was two months ago.

Hugely thankful! I love being a PCC pastor. I love our community. Thank you!

Now, I have to learn how to work this gadget....

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