Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Poem

I wrote this to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. I tried to put all the script over the video but it wasn't working so here's the words.
He is not here
He is alive, the angel said.
She ran and ran to announce the news
But don’t confuse, what happened 2000 years ago
With a story, of faded glory,
But with the miracle of created beings
Simple and broken
Trembling and weeping
Transformed by the power of his story.
Like You.
Like Me.
Changed, forever because
He woke from this death
by the love and power of his Father
Now waiting to wake me, wake you, wake us..
Will you trust?
Burst into my heart
And twist into my eyes
Free me from the lies,
That deny who you are
Easter is more than just a nice little day-
To make me sway
All religious and dress up all fancy
Cooking some potatoes and ham while I
Sit in a pew, with maybe a few of the same hands
That would mar
The God who created the mountains and the seas
In order to do what they-what I- please.
Could I be like them? Willing to dispose of the savior blinded by
His weird behavior, killed then and in some way today
By all those choosing to squeeze him
In a tiny theological box, or paper,
That tell us how to live, give,
as if to shine some little light into the cosmos maker,
Center of the universe He is
Eyes of the galaxy,
mysterious creatures
Wrapped around his holiness –singing-shouting-screaming
Sweetly- loudly as whispers so close like breath, like rain
May I not profane-the one, the great, I am-maker because
There’s no truth in the perfection of a happy holidays picture
If it’s just about eggs..
But the perfection of you, God with DNA
With the sounds of a donkey bray,
Heavenly beings warred and went to battle.
Because the hands that shook a rattle
Creator of a thousand hills and all the cattle
Was Ready for nails, whips, and scars.
He deserves more than just bumper stickers on our cars
Or just Sunday mornings, or one-week trips, or twenty-minute quips,
God..You are here everywhere. Now and forever.
In my mind.
Sharing my pain.
Removing my shame
healing my anger
with your powerful finger…of God
Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, in my life
As it is in your heavenly kingdom, now, and forever more
Jesus, gone from the tomb
He can make a barren womb
Full, safe, and the objection of his affection
So will we live life as though doomed
In our money and in our marriage
Waiting for prince charming
or that perfect date
Are we willing to negate
Truth for what we can’t feel?
Just check the disciples, in Matthew 28
As he ascended, some still doubted
But that didn’t seal their fate
They still worshiped,
With lingering hurt
Because they had experienced him,
Eyelashes in the dirt
Face to the ground,
So profound.
Jesus said, "Peace be with you!
As the Father has sent me, I am sending you."
And with that he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit.
The same Spirit that lifted him from the dead.
Is now in me.
In you.
Lifting you Up.
Filling your cup.
Lets praise him
It’s true what he said
And What he did
Will bless you.
If you let IT.
If you let HIM
Oh Happy Day,
That’s what I say
He washed my sins away,
He washed my sins away.
-my prayer. my poem. my desire.

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New Branch said...

this is a great poem Tony!