Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is how I want my kids to know me

There are moments like these, when I'm relaxed, in the Word, and choosing closeness with my kids that I say to myself, this is how I want them to know me. I want love to be the hallmark of my life and my home. (Thanks to Wendy who takes pictures so that they, and I, can remember)!

I also want them to know me as a loving husband to their mom, patient and compassionate when I need to discipline, willing to get on the floor with them, a man of my word, a man of THE word, a man of prayer, and a man of God who acts like Jesus and lives a faithful, passionate life of love for others, one who blesses others, a man who and takes care of the poor and needy, a man who models healthy expression of emotions, a man who is a good steward of God's money, a man who beleives God for his power and ushers in the small feat.

This is how I don't want them to know me:
Glued to the computer
In front of the TV
On my cell phone
Always late to things that are important to them
Negative/Harsh/Judgmental toward them and others
Complaining about life's challenges

With God's love and power--this will be possible.

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Meg R said...

This is an amazing goal for you to give to the Lord. May He provide and equip you to be all this and whatever else He deems you need for your children! Thank you for sharing this!