Monday, April 20, 2009

More from our Ugandan Girls

I wanted to share these funny and humbling quotes from when our Ugandan girls stayed with us.
Kids: (seeing queen size bed in our guest room)" Wow. Who sleeps in this room?"
Us: "It's just for us our guests who come to visit."
Kids: "So it's always open, no one stays in here? (Translation: You have an empty bedroom when we're accustomed to a whole family in the size of this room).
Us: (Gulp) Yes, but we also have our --um, two computers in here. It's also an office. (Yikes).
Kids:  This bed is sooo big. It's only for the two of us? There's plenty of room Auntie Wendy, maybe the babies want to sleep with us? Or Uncle Tony, you and Auntie can sleep with us."
(Here they are sleeping vertically across the bed in this pic).
Listening to my daughter's kids music in the car by Vege Tales,  I explained the concept of the singing vegetables. Hours later when we were playing the CD again she said:
Esther: Are these the Vegetarians?
Me: Vege Tales, yes.
Esther: Wow, they sing so good, they sound like humans.
After dying our Easter eggs I tossed the little wire dipper thing in the garbage. Again, Esther, one of the little girls saw me and said:
Esther: Uncle, why are you throwing that away?
Me: Because we are all done with it.
Esther: But Easter comes again next year
Me: That's OK, I can just buy another one. (Typical American consumer response, right?)
Esther: You need to save it. Take it out of the garbage and don't throw it way after I leave, either.
Wow. She put me in my place.  What a simple reminder how easy it is to take for granted our comforts and instant accessibility to whatever we want.  My mentality is so materialistic, where her African perspective, (where they have so little and not storage units full of stuff or the ability to just throw something away and repurchase again in a year), cherishes the little things.

God change my heart.

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