Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jesus in today's pop culture

Rev 1:12-20 in my own words:
I turned face to face with the one speaking to me. I saw seven huge, blazing torches like on “Survivor”. It wasn’t Jeff Probst there, but this amazing God-like gladiator-man. This was no special effects movie creation. He was awe-inspiring. His eyes glowed like shooting stars and his feet were like cannons of fire… more than Iron Man or any super hero. When he spoke his voice was like crashing tsunami waves overpowering my ears. In his hand he showed me what looked like seven Milky Way galaxies right out of "Star Trek". When he spoke it was as if his words were the blades of "X-Men’s" Wolverine. His words demanded attention, cut to the point, and were sharp truths. Looking at him caused me to fall to the ground. He was beautiful and mysterious all at the same time. I had to worship him. His face was brilliant, like “Watchmen’s” Dr. Manhattan, (but not blue or creepy). He put his hand on me and said, “I am more than you could ever imagine, creator of the world and all humanity and I control death and life. These torches represent seven (groups of people) churches who follow me and I want you to bring them a message.”


The Koldings said...

so dope! I'm sending this around!

Garrett said...

Good stuff, Tony, I dig this. I think of Psalm 23 framed in film, with the Lord shepherding me from the want of what the world offers, like the lost, broken characters in "American Beauty". I think of the valley of shadows and death that Bill Bob Thorton and Halle Barry walked in "Monster's Ball". On and on, right!