Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating the mother of my kids!

I wanted to post a current family picture as we celebrate Mother's day--(and I wanted to promote the work of my good friend and photographer, John Meyer. Need photos? Contact him). I'm so grateful for the mom that my wife is to our girls. I am in awe of her. I learn from her, and because of her-- our kids are alive--and haven't gotten food posioning yet. She's the queen of food handling safety-she schools me often and makes me wonder how I survived my bachelor years eating leftovers that sat in the fridge for weeks (and re-used plates while grilling that had raw meat on them. Oops). Thank you Wendy for being my awesome wife and amazing mom to our kids!

Being a husband and a dad is one the most fulfilling parts of life God has given me. Even with dirty diapers, baby cries, and two-year old toddler issues, I'm loving this season of life. My character is being refined and I'm, again, having to re-learn good boundaries. I need to let things go (which is why I wrote about this) in order to lead my family well and be the husband and father that blesses them and honors God. No easy feat. That's where God's good grace and strong power comes in.
I pray God's protection over my family, that we would be unified. I pray all families rely on God's power and Jesus' example. I pray for healing from pain and past hurts and for strong families to develop with commitment to love and forgive and to prioritize time together. And today I pray for mothers! Thank you God for moms!


mamajoyCarol said...

married men live longer (and don't die of food poisoning!)

Jenny Lewis said...

I love the photos!