Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vlog Episode 10 May 2009 TRT 8:03

I have a "thing" with the Church. (Some of you who read this blog hopefully know that by now). Some call it semantics but I think it's an overlooked statement that really has some deep theological value. Bottom line we are a CALLED OUT PEOPLE-a group, a family of God's people invited by God himself to be on a mission to bless and transform the world-not just sit in a building once a week or study the Bible to feel good. I'm on this mission to gracefully challenge people to change their language. We are a PART of the Church. We ARE the church. We DON'T GO TO church because church is not a place. I recently spoke on the topic of the Church a few Sundays ago at PCC's worship gatherings. You can hear it here.

So here's my most recent VLOG on the Church and wanted to share it here! It includes some really cool street interviews on how people think about the Church.

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Jenni said...

Good vlog...thanks for sharing. good to see you last night!