Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Listen up MEN!

I'm sitting in Gary's office right now listening to this. Our jaws are dropped, we are laughing, and we are yelling AMEN. Preach it.
What do you think?


Matt said...

wow. thanks for posting that, tony.

Christina said...

What a relevant message. I confess giggling at a few points because his delivery was so strong, but this is something men need to hear. This is a very real and surprisingly prevalent problem! There are far too many women who are suffering under the tyranny of 'boys,' too broken and too cowardly to face themselves and the reality of their lives. I pray that God will strengthen those women and bring those men so low that they can't help but surrender to His love.

Bristol said...

WOW. I enjoyed hearing that and remembering the truth of my role in all of it. I realized my worth when he said, "God's daughters need to be loved the way Christ loved the Church." Such a powerful statement and I'm reminded of the value that I have in Jesus.