Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come Early Stay Late

I liked what Bob Hyatt had to say in his recent blog about community as the Church, especially what he said about making time to connect with people on Sunday after the worship gathering:.

Here's one thing I've noticed: When we stay after for lunch together- it's often the same people who stay. And interestingly enough, it's people who seem to have no trouble feeling connected.
Others come late, leave right when things are done and are rarely present to the rest of the community any other times but that narrow band of an hour and a half on Sunday. And, again, interestingly, often those who make a rhythm of coming late and leaving early later eventually complain to me of not feeling a sense of community, of connectedness.
This isn't a poke at or slam on anyone in particular. I just feel this loss of slowness, of languidly enjoying each others' company- maybe it's an airbrushed and idealized picture I'm carrying around in my head, but it just seems like we didn't have as much to do back then, as much to rush off to... and being together seemed more of a priority.
I don't know how to encourage people to come early, to stay late, to help set up and tear down as a shared activity, to endure the same pub food week after week as a sacrificial act of community building, to invest and create the community they long for rather than hoping it just happens... I honestly wish I did.
But I will say this- I've rarely regretted giving my time to others. To myself, to the internet, to TV and busy work yes. To people, to community, no.

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elise said...

I agree. And I appreciate having found that here in Denver, too!