Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reviewing my last week from Father's day June 21-today June 28th.

Thumbs UP. Great week. I just have to recap:
When a dad's birthday falls in the same week as Father's day, some might feel the way people who have birthdays at Christmas. (Y'know, "kill two birds and give one gift?"). Not that I'm looking for gifts, I just really scored a great week.
Last Sunday it started with heart shaped pancakes and coffee when I woke up! Happy Dad's day from my family! I loved it.

We had some great family hang out time. My wife blessed me. I love her and I love being married to her and being a dad to my two girls.
Side note, For my daughter's 2nd birthday she got a playhouse and a family with Dad, Mom, and two daughters. Sound familiar?
Here's a picture of the dad figure:

What does this image say about how fathers are seen in our culture? (Besides possibly that men aren't masculine enough, I mean, really, he looks slightly feminine). This seemingly "innocent" toy gives a wrong impression of fathers or just affirms the stereotype that I don't want to be: always seen with cell phone in hand. I know I'm not the only dad that struggles with this because I've seen many dads, at restaurants or parks, talking on phones while their kids wait in the wings. (Even a grandpa figure has a crazy big phone.) I am striving to be seen with my phone less in my hands so that my hands are free to hug, chase, and carry my girls around! (This means I often leave my phone at home while on walks or at the park).

So... on to GAP AT THE MOVIES! Review time.

Three movies in one week. THAT'S RIGHT! I actually got to sit in the movie theater three different times in one week. That's the benefits of having a birthday the same week as Father's day! (Thanks again to my wife! She knows what I love!). So here are my reviews:

Star Trek. I FINALLY got to see this 5 star movie. Over two hours but I was never bored. I was always more of a Star Wars fan so I worried if I would feel "left out" of the inside info, but that wasn't an issue at all. The story moves fast, the acting is so believable, and the plot makes sense. It makes you question, "Am I living out my greater purpose?" So, if you are way behind in your movie viewing, check this out.

Moon. This indy flick, in limited release, is very well done. Dark and a bit sad, but a great commentary on identity and controversial issues. Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor, and you'll agree as he plays two different people, sort of, in the movie. I don't want to spoil it. I highly recommend this. It was a bonus for me cause I hang out with good friend Matt Nightingale.

Now on to the little blip on the greatness of my week.

Transformers. I fell asleep. A friend commented on facebook saying, "At 2.5 was 1.5 hours too long." I second that. It needed a lot more editing for me to green light this flick. I've always been a huge Transformers fan. I grew up with every single one of those toys awaiting me at the foot of my bed every morning I woke up. I loved playing with them, watched the cartoons, and loved the first movie. Shia LeBeouff is going to have a great career as an actor. There's no denying he's good. Michael Bay brought , blow-em up action but the story had many holes, lacked substance, and tried to hard ( what ended up lame) laughs. Therefore my suspension of disbelief "grace" was not willing to cover over the length. And yet, it still sold out the box office and will probably go on to make a third installment. I just hope they don't try to sell tickets by lowering the bar with more "potty humor." Spoiler alert: I mean, come on, humping dogs, ok, ha-ha, but then a humping robot. I just rolled my eyes. My wife also cracked me up when she said something about how even running through the dessert the lead actress, Megan Fox, had glistening lips and perfect hair. Ben Mankiewicz of At the Movies reviewed it and had some funny things to say about it, too.

So besides much time at the pool trying to escape the heat wave here in Redwood City it was a relaxing weekend that ended the week with a great concert, in one of my favorite cities, with a new favorite band.

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