Saturday, June 27, 2009


The only "Transformers" worth being mentioned right now are the ones being changed by God's work (that's a ping that requires a movie review in a later post). I was emailed this video below portraying changed lives of students at UC Santa Barbara. The second woman featured is a part of our church family. I met her two years ago on Father's Day and (with with some other women) prayed with her and seriously before my eyes saw God do something in her. She suffered some serious wounds but with God's love and the support of community she began a great healing process. Now, two years later, after letting God do a lot of work in her, she is a college graduate and an intern with Campus Crusade for Christ. I love TRANSFORMATION!


The Avilas said...

The guy holding the sign on the beach, when you look at the video is my buddy Chris. I think he is on staff at UCSB. So fun to see him, and to be encouraged. Thanks. I had to snake it for my own blog.


New Branch said...

dude i just love your blog. thank you for posting such a great video. i've seen others like it, but i'm always in tears over the honesty of the people and the healing power of God! love it.