Thursday, June 25, 2009, SaraLee? Jesus said so..

Ok, so SaraLee, with the mission to DELIGHT YOU EVERY DAY, came up with this advertising slogan sighted on the sides of delivery trucks in our local grocery store. Catchy, kind of, but it's an interesting perspective on how much of advertising (which I have been a part of through commercials and other acting stuff) feeds consumers ideas about what will satisfy. (See this old school commercial). Don't we all sometimes believe, even for just a moment, that SOME THING (food, clothing, relationship toy, car, any dazzling new item) can provide some sort of happiness or satisfaction? And when we believe it we instantly must have it. I've found myself in that funny place with coffee. Yes, even my beloved espresso drinks have failed me! I have one or two almost every day and I have to admit there are times when I get all excited for some grande goodness only to honestly feel a little "let down" after sipping to the end of the cup within 20 minutes. It might seem silly but it's God's little reminder to me that all the great things, all pleasures in our life, ALL END. Everything good (and bad) comes to an end. Roller coaster rides end, great dates, vacations, wedding days, sexual encounters, books, food entrees, and that "high" (whatever causing it) comes to an end. Ever get that same feeling after watching a big blockbuster movie? You pay (currently in my theater) $10.50 for a 2 hour escape where the action and effects take you to far off lands, only to have the lights go up to realize you're in a movie theater, with popcorn all over the floor, and it's time to go home. That's how God created life-constant reminders that all it has to offer isn't enough and won't fully satisfy. Only HE can give us the full contentment we long for and I'm glad for that..or I'd be constantly chasing after false substitutes. I pray that the world, that I, would know who (God) and what (everything about himself) really satisfies...and settle for nothing less.

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