Monday, June 08, 2009


Heads up. It's June already. What? Yes. Summer is here.

For me it means:

Father's Day!
Lots of pool time with my kids
More sunscreen than normal (Did you know we should be wearing it daily no matter what the season)
SUMMER MOVIES! Transformers...
Annual Tahoe vacation (Beautiful. See this pic. No joke, Blue water!)
No School!! (Yes, I'm STILL working on my Masters).
PCC Young Adults small groups in Red Morton Park starting June 16th.
Thursday Night Movies OUTSIDE downtown RWC
Hot Water Weekend (7/31-8/2)

and this past weekend's WHITE WATER RAFTING TRIP! IT WAS A BLAST!!


1 comment:

jgw8 said...

What a fun time! Thanks for documenting life. Always fun to catch up via your blogs. Great music choices - now I understand the desire for so many iTunes cards!
Love you, Jerri