Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More quotes from my daughter


While waiting in line at Starbucks, my daughter (Isella) points to a doll and says:

“Daddy, I need to hug that teddy-bear.”


Isella: I need a birthmark, dad.

Me: You have one on your face, it’s a freckle.

Isella: No, I need one for Jonah.

Me: I’m not sure what you mean, Isella, I’m sorry.

Isella: (frustrated), I neeeeeeeed one for Jonah. So I can find it. (She brings her Bible over). The pages won’t stay open.

Me: Oh, you need a bookmark. You want to save the place so you can find Jonah again, huh? (Jonah has been one of her faves lately).



Me (noticing she's picking her nose), Isella, if you pick out a boogie put it in the garbage.

Isella: Dad, I’m just going to rub it off (as she motions to flick her booger on the floor).



Isella: Daddy, look I have a pineapple,” (after picking up a pine cone on a walk).

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