Thursday, February 11, 2010

TSR: Unpolished yet Loved & accepted

This is a great word for February, the month where we typically think about love, red hearts, romance, and gifts from that special person. This isn't about dating or marriage, it's about finding love and acceptance as you are. I love what Oswald Chamber says, "No love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first."

I really like how God moves so differently in each person he's created.
I've had this podcast going for about three months now. It's called THE SOUND ROOM (TSR) and you can subscribe via iTunes! I'm really stoked on the stories we've captured. I really want to encourage you to listen to Judy Peterson's story. Judy is a friend, pastor, wife, speaker,lover of God, a loved one of God, and a messy disciple seeking to faithfully live out her life. She experienced Christ one Sunday after a long night of bartending in quite the most unique way. She now speaks and shares her story to crowds around the country, but specifically, she meets daily with college students at my alma mater: North Park University in Chicago (which causes me to like her even more). She shares God's love right where people are, she doesn't gloss it over or sugar coat it, and she doesn't focus on changing people's behavior. She focuses on the heart, for it is our heart that dictates how we live. And it's God's job to change our heart which affects how we live anyway. She's funny, bold, and so humble with how's she's found beauty and truth within her own brokenness and specifically through the pain of multiple miscarriages. This is a story to pass on. Do you feel unloved? Do you feel so dirty, sinful, and so far from God that you feel it's impossible for God to forgive you? You need to listen to this podcast! You are loved and accepted..the question is, will you be accepted and be transformed because of it? Will you accept the invitation of Jesus to come and dance with him?

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