Monday, February 22, 2010

The Sound Room: The purpose of Marriage

It's the last few days of February, the month where we typically think about love, red hearts, romance, and gifts from that special person. This podcast deals with marriage specifically. Guest speaker Brian Rhen, talks about the purposes for marriage but also addresses love languages, pre-engagement issues, and the need for personal and relational reflection. He addresses the downfall of divorce, God's ultimate use of marriage to convey his love, and the need for PURPOSE in marriage: Reflect, submit, be shaped, and walk with God.

This podcast is called THE SOUND ROOM (TSR) and you can subscribe via iTunes! I'm really stoked on the stories we've captured. I really want to encourage you to listen in, pass them on, and let us know how you are impacted. This podcast features BRIAN RHEN, pastor, friend and my neighbor.

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