Thursday, November 02, 2006

Carpool arrangements for this weekend

Please pray that we have a safe and encouraging retreat this weekend at Twain Harte!


1-Tony Gapastione/Driver 12:00pm
2-Paul Phelan/Passenger 12:00pm

3-Marilyn Lynch/ Driver 6:00pm
4-Ben Matthias
5-Agoff, Christina
6-Peake, Steve
7-Markovich, Frankie-
8-Murphy, Jeff
9-Jennifer ? (kristen's Friend)
10-Kristen VanMaanan
11-Allard, Aftan ( coming up late because of soccer game???)

12-Dawn/ Driver 6:00pm
13-Brison, Jodi
14-Chidyausiku, Patricia
15-Vontoussiant, Natalie

16-Driving-David Bromberg 6pm
17-Drew Foster
18-Victor Hernandez

Leaving Seperately GREEN MINI VAN
19-Kirsten Grothe
20-Chris Gothold (with possible supplies/food, too)

21-Josh Beck coming from LA

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