Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update for our Street Church

Hello all. In Jeremiah 22:16, God fondly remembers the reign of King Josiah because he took care of the poor and needy. God says, “Isn’t that what it means to know me?” I love this because God says that to know him means to know his heart and his heart is for the poor and needy! That’s what we are about on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Much thanks to all of you who served on Thanksgiving, too. Those that went were raving about the food!

In this edition:
1-Great news: another church partnership, music, and resumes
2-Storage, donations, and Christmas gifts
3-Tuesday cooker schedule
4-Still looking for Thursday servers and leaders
5-Next lunch meeting January 12

1-It is getting very cold out on the street, but that won’t stop the church from gathering. We had a fantastic night last night where lots of coats and scarves were given out. Our serving team is growing with all ages of people showing love and hospitality out there. And we are very excited to have music now! Colin, a gifted musician from Central Peninsula Church, has joined us and wants to use his music to bless our friends. They loved it last night We also have Andrea who works at the Maple Street Shelter in RWC who has joined us and offering to help write resumes for those looking for jobs! I have also met with the new young adults pastor at CPC and he is praying about how we can partner together to be externally focused!

2-Gloria Ambrosini has been generously giving a storage for all the sock and coat donations and we finally have a liaison who has stepped up to help coordinate what’s in the storage to the street. Welcome Jodi Brison to our team! Contact her at if you want to help/donate or be involved with our special Christmas gift give-out on Dec 19th! (See below #3)

3-This month: December Tuesdays cooking/picking up

5-Eileen Clark/Nikki Forshee
12-Mary Hanlon/Kim Learned
19-Mary Sleeper/Nikki Forshee—this is our special night we’ll be caroling and giving out gift bags, too! Email for info, to donate, or get involved. Or just come make cookies and sing with us at 9pm!
26-Esther Strathdee/Kim learned

Thursdays Ruby Jacques has the list if you need more info!

We are looking into the New Year, and if you know anyone who can cook or give of their time, please let me know. Cooks, if you plan on continuing in the New Year, let me know!

4-Please pray for our Thursday team. Our leaders, The Jacques need to retire from their weekly duties (they have served for over 2 years) and would like to train up a team of people to serve and facilitate Thursday nights starting the first of the year. If you or anyone you know can help, please let us know.

5-Next team lunch meeting is January 12th. 12:30pm-2 in the fireside room! Hope to see you all there for lunch, prayer, training, and connecting new people to our ministry. Invite your friends, neighbors, and care group members.

God bless you all as you celebrate Jesus this season!

Grateful for all of you,


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