Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coming up!

After our retreat Sunday NOVEMBER 5TH
Feel free to grab some friends and make some plans to hang out, go to Franklin St. Café or wherever you choose after Sunday at 6. There may be some tired people after our weekend retreat who will opt to just go homeand sleep but who knows!.

Saturday November 11th

10:30am Brunch at Main St. Café at 150 Elm St. in Redwood City

Beautiful Day November 17-19
This is a chance to serve our community. Check out

The Deep"—which is a time of DEEP, intimate worship in prayer, Bible teaching and music. Friday night at 8pm in the Basement of PCC’s Worship Center (aka: the choir room). Rod Toews will speak on 11/24 and Tony Gapastione will speak on 12/1. Expect silence, confession, communion, singing, prayer, Bible teaching from James, and experiential opportunities to worship God. This is a time to grow, pray, and celebrate.

DECEMBER 9TH: Coming soon: Christmas Party! More info TBA please mark your calendar for this festive Saturday event, which will start around 6pm.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night you can serve the poor and homeless with Street Outreach in Menlo Park!

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