Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Always an adventure

Some of us unfortunately know that cheesy 80's song, "The Great Adventure." Steven Curtis Chapman's pop theme song of the Christian Culture was super popular 15-20 years ago and touted lyrics like--"We got a trail to blaze through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace."
Honestly--it still shows up in certain venues (yes--even ours) But the song, in my opinion, is anything but cool. Back then it had Christians going hog wild at concerts raising hands in worship and Sunday mornings--and now kids choirs and their adult leaders are miming the moves of a wild western horseback rider. OK, maybe it's a little fun, and I admit I've thrown an invisible lasso once or twice.

But I still can't ignore the face that life--life with God is a great adventure.

You never know what is going to happen when you are open to God and following Jesus.
Last Sunday night quite a different night for me. I returned home to my wife with lots of Stories. Wendy usually can't come to La Tartine after Sunday at 6 because our daughter needs to get to bed, so I come home and try to download the specifics hour by hour. This Sunday was quite a unique experience. I love meeting new people and we had some come for the first time which brought some cool conversations. But there were also priceless moments of laughter and also sadness. But in summary, God was at work and I loved it. Here's a few bullet points what what I experienced.

Sipping luscious espresso drinks and eating scrumptious pastries
Connecting with new and extravagant people.
Mexican Hat dancing in the middle of the Cafe (Alex D. you are a champ!).
Praying on the court house steps until almost midnight.

I love it.

Saddle up your horses.

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