Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hallowed 2007 Recap

For the past three years We have participated in an annual event bringing local churches together and combining experiential art, faith, film, and music for a night the last Saturday in October. It is Hallowed. Basically we turn a club into an "art show" of sorts. You know how many people go through haunted houses this time of year, well we put on an art/music/film/faith house. People come in and walk through rooms, chill to music, sip some get the picture.

I personally had a very encouraging time. The rooms this year were to use the theme of Sanctuary for inspiration. Each room was different. Our room invited the sojourner into creation to contemplate, reflect, and pray. Everything (besides the images projected on the wall and the "response leaves") was real.

The 12 by 12 room was covered completely in grass, acorns, pine cones, and plants. As you walked in you were transported to a different place. It smelled just like being on a hike to me. The PCC Young Adults' team lugged in huge rocks and a ginormous log for people to sit on. And most awe-inspiring was the tree. It was a tree made up of real leaves, branches and trunk and was assembled in the room with other random tree parts. But when you were in the room looking like it, it seemed like it had always been there.

Then one by one the tree filled up with colorful leaves of hope. People were invited to write out hopes on yellow and red leaves and stick them on the tree or step on their troubles and release them away. It was a very hopeful image as the green tree came to life with hopeful color. Like the tree of life that brings healing to the nations in Revelation. At the end of the night, there was not a single leaf left. Every one had been used in this experiential activity.

The night also had some other creative rooms there were a part of the event, too, and lots of encouraging words, a touching documentary about street children in Costa Rica, and prophetic words of wisdom and exhortation. For me, God spoke to me about the need to rest, find my identity in being his son ( a recurring issue with me) and not how much or what I can do for him. One other great element of the event was that we were truly God's unified and diversified people. All colors and styles were represented! That's the way God created us to be. All together and different!

The PCC team was busy cleaning up their art at midnight when I left. All I could think was how very grateful and thankful I was for all their time and energy poured out into this project. One of the million reasons why I love being a part of our church community. People working together, being creative, and taking ownership!

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