Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bulk..BIG...Bring it on

Seems odd that the next post after thinking about hunger and fasting would be this EXTRA LARGE can of TUNA. We had to bust out the camera phone while shopping at Costco today. Which, by the way, is a whole new way of life. We have now created a "pantry" in our garage to house the multiple boxes of Ziploc bags, diced tomatoes, and a 36 pack of Diet Pepsi for my DP loving wife. But this is how families make it on a budget. We are in a whole new playing field here.

But back to the Bulk issues. Is this hilarious or what? Maybe it's just ludicrous (nice word huh?) or sad. Do we really need a can of Tuna this big? 4+ lbs of Tuna in one can? Don't get me wrong. I LOVE TUNA, much to the chagrin of my wife (who gags at the smell of some of my favorite foods). I'm just afraid of wasting any food cause there is so much I feel a "good pressure" to use it all.

Thanks to this Costco sized can we could feed our whole neighborhood Tuna Casserole and still have leftovers. But hey, I'm still gonna shop there and still gonna eat the food they sell. Thanks to Costco, I practically ate lunch today as we walked around. I had corn and lobster chowder, dried mangoes, granola bars, spinach ravioli, orange chicken and pumpkin pie. Now they were all bite sized, but I felt pretty satisfied after those bites! I went back for seconds a few times, too. I was thinking about my homeless friends today as I snacked and shopped. This would be a goldmine for them. Just get a Costco card and come at lunch time to eat for free.

Only in America.

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