Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have you met "Shoe?"

This article was published in PCC's monthly newsletter THE BRIDGE!

If you would have asked me five months ago, if I would ever consider becoming a Christian, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. The answer would have been "No," right away. It is amazing, though, how much God loves each of us and can change your view on him in an instant. It all started about a year ago. I had a very comfortable, well paying management position in a local video game store. I had consistent funds and hardly any work. And then God threw a curve ball at me. He gave me a two day window to drop my retail career and become a carpenter. I had never swung a hammer in my life.

I was so scared to quit and fail and be left jobless. However, I made the switch and it has worked out beautifully. God was beckoning me and I was unknowingly answering his call.

During a Christmas party my boss was hosting, I was introduced to Jeff Smith, one of the pastors of PCC Church. God put Jeff in my path to bring me to him and I missed the sign. I thought nothing of it. Life continued as normal until seven months later. We were short on work and were about to lose out on a few weeks pay due to no jobs. My boss finds us a job in which he knows there is no profit margin, but it will keep us busy. We get to the new job site and I realize that I know the owner of the business we were to work at. His name was Jeff Smith, one of the pastors of PCC Church.

God introduced us the first time to no avail, yet in my time of need, brought us back together. God was saying,"Alright, I can't be any more obvious than this Chris". The next few weeks were filled with countless other signs and feelings that God was imparting on my life. I finally came to my senses and talked with Jeff. I asked where I could go to learn more about this "God".
He sent me to Tony Gapastione and the Sunday at 6 crew.
I began attending Wednesday night small groups. That lead to Sundays. I was hot for God and he was hot for me. From the moment I stepped foot on the Peninsula Covenant Church campus, I was instantly held tight by God's love shining bright through each person I came into contact with. Every person was heart warming and open. I felt at home, like a home I should have been in all along. God's greatest work with me came the first week of August this year at Hot Water Weekend trip that was being put on by the young adults.

That weekend made me feel so spiritually alive. God and I had a conversation that weekend. I asked him to show himself to me in any way and he did. That weekend, I asked the Lord to come into my life and allow me to follow in Jesus's footsteps.

It has been blessing upon blessing since then.
If it wasn't for God's extreme love for each of us, then I wouldn't be here now telling you about my story. It is indescribable how much God loves us. The determination He has when one of his creations in need is amazing.
This short journey I have lived, and will continue to live, has been incredible. I am excited that I was asked to tell my story because I know how much a good story of a walk can renew faith, build new relationships and praise God all in one.
----Chris Schoephoerster

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Justin Porath said...

Chris Shoe! You are a great guy and thank you for sharing your story. Don't stop telling it, don't stop living it.