Tuesday, October 16, 2007

thinking about hunger and poverty again

If you are a part of PCC's compassion and Justice community I hope you are learning a lot as we read RICH CHRISTIANS IN AN AGE OF HUNGER and hear stories of people choosing to engage in redeeming acts to bring hope to the world.

Watch these videos.

I went with out my cereal this morning. No toast, no fruit, nothing. Big deal. Millions of people could only dream of such delicacies where they are just common, easily attainable items for me. I'm embarrassed because my heart is not completely joyful about giving up food, but I know I want to do this as a discipline. I decided to try just drinking liquids today and that doesn't include espresso drinks. Fasting is one of the more uncommon spiritual disciplines discussed and encouraged in the church today but still important. Read Isaiah 58. Beautiful and compelling truth that God wants us to care about the needs of the world and to pray for an end to injustice and hunger. Today and tomorrow millions of people are standing up to make a statement. Portions of these people are fasting and praying that poverty would end, that the world's vast resources could be shared.

Try it for a meal, or just try it for an hour. Stand up. Stand up and pray during your lunch hour. At dinner as you gather with your family stand up and pray that hunger and poverty could end in our lifetime. Go without dessert at dinner or coffee at breakfast. Share this video with your friends, your co-workers, your roommates, and your kids. Talk about it for a minute. Just one small change and make a difference. This video below is very clever.

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