Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Community Love!

She held up her shiny diamond over the counter with a big smile. “We’re engaged,” I shouted, “That’s awesome,” and turned around to everyone in the café yelling, “Hey everyone, Andrew and Monique got engaged!” Everyone burst out clapping and shouting. I knew they had just got back from France so I asked, “Did you do it at the top of the Eiffel Tower?” They both nodded, smiled and explained the details. I was so excited for them. Andrew then looked at me as asked, “Do you wanna be our pastor?” “Of course I would!” (I’ve never been asked to be someone’s pastor. Beside I already consider myself their pastor “unofficially!”). Anyways, what Andrew actually was asking was if I would officiate their wedding-lead the ceremony/vows, etc. What an honor and a privilege. It really is one of my favorite things to do. I love doing weddings because of the sanctity and specialness of that day in the life of a couple. And to think I just met Monique and Andrew last July. I just love our Redwood City community. Andrew and Monique are the owners of La Tartine café in down town Redwood City. The PCC Young Adults (and some high school students) hang out there every Sunday after SUNDAY NIGHT the 5:30pm PCC gathering. (Not to mention Wendy and I on dates nights and other coffee craving adventures. I have a new fave: White Mocha Freeze). Inevitably conversations and relationships with those from PCC are fostered there but also with others who work there or who happen to wander in and I’m seeing some cool natural and intentional friendships and conversations there. Join us there for the next 5 weeks (until Summer Mercy Cafe starts at PCC) and learn love to our community, too!

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