Friday, May 16, 2008

Good News for your ipod in May 2008

I'm convinced more and more that we need music to be a regular part of our life. God uses it for so much--to teach us, bring us peace, and help us communicate our need for him. And often God uses it in my life to communicate his love and plan for me. With a dance beat. hip hop, or acoustic guitar these songs have moved me. Take some time to listen to each song--as they were picked specifically and arranged in the order to tell a story. My soul has been touched and set free through May's mix which includes songs of some of the summer artists who will be leading at PCC on Sunday Night or at Mercy Cafe-including After the Chase, Travis Avila, Jerome Madigan, and Kokua.

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The Avilas said...

I'm assuming that a typo is to blame for Travis not being #1. That guy rocks!