Monday, May 26, 2008

Relaxing is good.. and thoughts about "too much skin."

I've been on a little vacation this Memorial Day weekend. Its really
been good. Wendy was in a wedding, we hung out with some family and
had time to relax. San Diego is really nice!I'd rate it my 2nd favorite U.S. place to vacation under Hawaii. Besides Redwood City this would also be a great place to live. The weather is always amazing,surfing, fun hang outs, good eats, and I've heard about great communities of God that are here.... but there is a "I'm too sexy" vibe in SD thats a little overwhelming.. Lots of skin showing if you know what mean. I guess it's to be expected in a beach town but I don't think I'd like that always in my vision or want to raise a daughter in it. We've got that enough everywhere else and its hard enough without a beach nearby. I wonder if people in Alaska have this issue? I know that we all have an out with any temptation, as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:13, so for some, maybe that out is not going to the same place (or living there) where a particular temptation exists. Food for thought.

Speaking of food.

San Diego even has a little Italy! Another reason to like it. I'm waiting for a pizza right now as I blog with my phone. I'm looking over all the people and praying for them to know how much God loves them!

And this pizza looks good!

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