Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Compassion UNLEASHED Conference

Today I am @ a conference called COMPASSION UNLEASHED.


Loved learning today from Dan Kimball. That guy speaks my language.
He talked about our "church speak." We can't GO TO CHURCH. We ARE THE CHURCH.
The church is NOT A PLACE. If we are not specific about this we are inadvertently teaching a wrong theology. Too many people think Church is just on Sunday--because too many Christians act like it is. We must be the church always--God's people called out to live His mission!

He (Kimball) laughed about teaching his kids to say, "On Sunday we go to the Church's building." That's what I want to do. I don't want to argue over semantics, but I think it is really important to take the extra 7 seconds and clarify what we mean, not just for ourselves, but for any one listening to us.

The kids nursery rhyme needs to be changed:

This is a building and this is a steeple, bust open the doors cause the CHURCH IS THE PEOPLE!

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Justin Porath said...

you might like his book "emerging worship" then. It's conceptual in that it examines "worship" as an idea and convention, but also practical in that much of the book is devoted to alternate practices and the multiplicity of ways in which people can/do worship God.