Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm kinda procrastinating blogging about deeper things right now--I've been wanting to re-cap about truth and evangelism stuff (listen to messages here) and we just had a great night at the DEEP last night. So much on my mind, so much experiencing God and seeing him at work in people's lives that I want to process but I don't have the time that I want to dedicate to a meaty post quite yet--but I will get to it, plus I've been kinda sick for a bit here and there. I thought it was food poisoning, but maybe it is the flu! My stomach is what Wendy and I call, "Churny!"

So meanwhile, here's a fun pic from our movie theater down town.

On a date with my wife, we played in the lobby with the fun movie promos. How fun is this Hulk statue? I am a HUGE super hero fan and this summer has lots to satisfy my super power hunger! Iron Man, Hulk, and Batman--what in the world? It makes me want to run out and get underoos! This summer has a lot to offer for movies! And Narnia next week should be good, too.

I continue to LOVE our city. It's growing. ALSO Now through summer every second saturday is an artwalk!!

Ahhh. A nice, light, post!


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John Liotti said...

so, who is the Hulk in the picture? Iron man was a great movie!