Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Theology

We can already see my daughter's creativity, imagination, and theology coming out at 21 months old. She now says she's "pretending" and talks to her baby dolls and animals, showing them around, asking them questions and even answering for them. She has suggested we pray for them, too so I make sure to thank God for making teddy and koala bears. She has also used her Koala bear to lay hands on me when I asked her to pray for my mouth. It was really a sweet moment that I wasn't sure if I was going to laugh or cry. She also has started changing the lyrics to some songs, like Mary had a little lamb. Sometimes Mary has a panda, or a teddy, and sometimes a monkey. Today she was singing:

Mary had a little Jesus...

And actually, she's theologically correct. Jesus Christ is the lamb of God.


mamaktbug said...

aren't kids awesome?!? i love watching them grow and learn and become little people. a couple months ago, driving back home from the mountains in a pretty hefty snowstorm, e asked to do "amens" after we hit an icy patch (the car spun around a bit). it was amazing how he interpreted the nervous energy in the car and instead of getting nervous himself, asked to pray. love the childlike faith of it all! can't wait for your guys' new one to come along...pretty soon right?

Jenni said...

that's awesome. i love isella.