Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emergency Prayer Request for Angelina Jolie

I say that tongue in cheek, but I hope we really do pray for her, but not necessarily for the reason I'm going to share. I often like to tune into the newest films, music, and pop culture happenings like this and like that. Usually when I check the online news I see what's going on in entertainment (sometimes 1st sadly). But today I just rolled my eyes at the headlined "scandal" of the day. Angelina Jolie was.....wearing her dress backwards.
OH NO! Somebody call a paramedic! Brad, how could you let that happen? Would some stylist please save her, do her nails, or at least cover her up with a silk scarf from Dolce & Gabbana..Something! QUICK!!
Seriously what in the world? Every three seconds children are dying of hunger and we waste our time on this. Sometimes I wonder if all the high schoolers who refuse to grow up after graduation (even through they continue to age) make their way into Hollywood reporting. So, although somewhat sarcastic, I do still feel committed to pray for Hollywood. Think how many Hollywood types put on the "happy face" of fame, wealth, and satisfaction but suffer in secret sadness as they derive their value from the continuous public critique of their personhood, let alone their work (or clothing). So, that's one reason I pray for celebrities. And I pray for Hollywood because it's one of the biggest influences in today's culture..including the church so it must also be our mission field. God save us all....even those who are fashionably challenged.

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