Thursday, January 01, 2009

Praise Jar

Happy New Year 2009!

Every New Year's day we read through all the year's blessings kept in a jar. Through out the year we try to write down every good and perfect gift that we are given by God so that we can remember God's goodness and provision, even in the challenging times.

Here are a few that stick out from 2008! We are so thankful. God gives, takes away, and answers prayers!

iPhone gifted by PCC young adults
Isella loves the nursery
2nd Pregnancy!
New place to rent in PCC owned home
Brother Chris is married
Great summer of ministry, Mercy Cafe
Safe and smooth flights from Chicago and Dallas
Great times with family and travel
God spoke to me through poetry
Our Niece was born
Fun weddings officiated
Financial gifts from friends and family (for anniversary and randomly)
Prayerful conversations with strangers (in dental offices, at weddings...)
Great ministry conferences
Seeing people come to know and follow Jesus
Free Starbucks

Here's to another year where we see God's goodness. This year was filled with challenges, on-going dental pain, step-brother's death, and the learning curve of being parents of a toddler, but we are choosing to trust God and his love for us.

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