Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marriage is hard

Every wedding I officiate I include those three words: Marriage is hard. It's a biblical concept. Paul told the Corinthians, "Those who marry will have problems." Anyone who thinks "Happily Ever After," doesn't take work, isn't living in reality. That's why right after I say those three words I remind each couple that with God's power and two people committed to God and each other, the hard work becomes a blessing and a sweet reward of deep friendship and life-long companionship. Just like no one becomes holy by accident, no marriage becomes good with out major work, communication, forgiveness, prayer, and commitment on a regular basis!

A couple weeks ago we had guest speakers join our gatherings and speak on marriage.
Wendy and I both were very encouraged. I really encourage all married couples to listen. I think those single and wanting to be married would benefit from listing, too. Enjoy Paul and Virgina Friesen as they encourage married couples to work hard and singles to have a realistic picture of marriage.! These are three different talks that build on one another. Click and listen!


Keeping Hot part 1

Keeping Hot Part 2

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