Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Celebrating Christmas on the Street

We had an awesome night Tuesday December 19th.

(Video Below)
We had prepared specific gifts for all our friends on the street with the generous donations of Project Christmas Tree and the faithful giving of our Street Church teams. A group gathered to bake cookies and wrap presents at PCC, and Andrea and Jodi shopped all day long to complete our needs. With a larger team than normal we showed up at on the street at 9pm and served dinner. We had a meaningful time of Christmas caroling, praying, and reading from the Bible and then presented everyone with a personalized gift just for them. The best part of our time was our Bible Study and prayer. In Luke 2:8-20, the Angel gave the good news of Jesus' birth to the shepherds, who just like our friends on the street, were outside in the cold at night. The shepherds were not highly esteemed or rich by any means. Many in society at that time would have looked down on these meek laborers who hung around with smelly sheep. Because of this you might think that they would be the last to hear the news of God's son being born, but God chose them to be the first to hear. God's choice says something. The news didn't come to kings in fancy palaces or the the priests in the temples. God went to the humble and simple out in the fields. That's why we go out to the streets because God cares for the poor and loves them. Watch the video and see God's work (below)!

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Matt said...

Awesome, Tony.. Thanks for sharing the sweet video. Merry Christmas!!